Water-wise habitat

Now that graywater laws have passed, allowing Coloradans to reuse water from showers, sinks and washing machines for toilets and outdoor irrigation, questions have been raised about how to do this safely. Apparently, the issues surrounding graywater are not so black and white. Barrett Studio Architects PC of Boulder has provided an elegant solution for […]

Synergy by the yard

Today’s upscale landscape schemes are not about choosing plants that have received high marks from garden centers, making the yard look pretty and calling it good. High-end designers are creating spaces that are extensions of the home and also reflect the values and lifestyles of their clients. They are creating showcases that highlight the architectural […]

Flush with luxury

Today’s modern bathrooms are spa retreats, luxurious and comfortable, blending elegance with comfort and convenience. “It’s a time when people (in Boulder County) have reined in the ‘over-the-topness’,” said Anne Postle, founder and president of Osmosis Art and Architecture, Inc. in Niwot. “Most of our clients are building very reasonable bathrooms even at the high […]

Heirloom Vegetables

When we think of heirlooms, most of us think of jewelry, photographs and other antiquities that speak to our heritage. If you’re a gardener, however, chances are that the word “heirloom” conjures up rows of colorful tomato plants, pole beans and peppers. Within the past decade, home horticulturalists have embraced the widespread trend to cultivate […]

A listening game

Some funny things can happen on the way to that dream custom home, and most of them deal with decisions about materials. “Over 70 percent of your cost is in the finish material — that’s enough to swing a project from viable to unobtainable,´ said Mark Queripel, principal architect at MQ Architecture & Design LLC. […]

Growing food

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you know that the residents of Boulder County have been getting increasingly involved in local food issues lately. While this has meant bigger crowds at farmers markets, it has also meant that more people are growing food in their yards. There are […]

Hot off the grill

It’s the grill master’s dream: a top-of-the-line grill such as a Gemini PT 750 RSBI, a stainless-steel refrigerator, a wood-fired pizza oven and one-piece flagstone bar, altogether in one, well-designed place. Nestled in a brick patio or raised porch and surrounded, not by walls, but a gently sloping lawn edged with flowers and native grasses. […]

High-tech Hangouts

The traditional home theater with locked-in seats, movie screen and dimmed lights has evolved into the multiuse room where family members watch movies, have sleepovers and entertain guest by watching sports events. Robert Dreher, founder of Custom Quality Construction LLC, and his wife, Padma Wick, have owned the Boulder-based business since 1993. In 1996, the […]