Owners on their own

Single women buy more homes than do single men, national research data shows, with post-recession growth in sales and prices beginning to indicate a sustained trend in real estate markets across the nation. Colorado trends parallel the national data, according to the National Association of Realtors, and Boulder County real estate agents see similar patterns […]

Numbers of interest

Boulder County’s tight inventory is influencing the housing market even more than are rising interest rates. “We’ve not seen much, if any, impact from rising interest rates,” said David Scott, principal broker at the Scott Group of Colorado Landmark Realtors. The biggest impact on the market is lack of inventory. “We’ve got buyers,” he said. […]

Custom-built financing

Custom-built homes can require custom-built loans for many buyers, and a range of choices mark the lending landscape. A solid understanding of the process, researching and then meeting with prospective lenders early and asking key questions can properly groove potential borrowers with the right loan product. “We tell consumers to ask any question you might […]

Meet the new rules

Boulder-area mortgage lenders are mostly ahead of the curve in implementing consumer protections created by the newly established federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, although some believe the new mandated systems could be a lot easier to manage. “I think we’ve all adapted already. There’s been a mindset in the industry that we need to get […]

Budgeting for the high end

If there’s one big opportunity out there in the Boulder Valley housing market, it may be for those looking to move up into high-end homes, especially homes in the $1 million to $4 million range. Opportunity in the real estate market does not come without some pitfalls as well, but consumers who do their homework […]

Selling short

Boulder Valley real-estate experts don’t expect that new guidelines designed to streamline short sales — in which a home sells for less than a borrower owes — will have much effect here, unless there’s an abrupt change in direction from major lenders. “They talk a good talk, at least in the media, but we just […]

How low can you go?

You’ve seen the reports: Refinancing rates advertised at below 3 percent. But can you believe them? Or, more to the point, can you actually get them? If you are looking to refinance a home loan and hoping to get the best rates available, the best place to start may be your friendly neighborhood mortgage loan […]

Rising tide

The stormy economic weather that dampened Boulder Valley’s housing market in recent years seems to be lifting, creating a rising tide of quick sales and a swell in home prices. “The market has changed significantly from the recent past,´ said D.B. Wilson, managing broker of Re/Max of Boulder, Inc. “You still need to price the […]

Bottoming out

Similarities are beginning to pile up, comparing the end of the last miserable cycle for housing to this one. It’s still early, but a reassuring convergence is developing. Length — The previous tough time for Front Range housing began in 1983, bottomed in 1988-89, and prices did not begin a general rise until 1991. This […]

Prospective buyers monitor mortgage rates

As the Boulder Valley appears to be emerging from the housing slump ahead of much of the nation, many eyes have turned to mortgage rates and whether now is the time to buy. But the answer, according to local sources, is one that has traditionally held true for homebuyers regardless of boom or bust cycles. […]