Market steady, but could see an early fall

July’s real estate statistics for the Boulder area didn’t stray far from the path cut in June. Sales remained flat compared with the previous month, prices increased and inventory continued to fall. The 491 single-family homes that sold in the Boulder-area market in July was a 16 percent increase compared with July 2012’s 422 sales, […]

Appraisals to praise

Owners of luxury homes always have had some unique challenges. One of those, apparently, is figuring out how much their homes are really worth. On a daily basis, that isn’t really that big of a deal. When it comes down to selling a home or getting a loan to purchase or refinance a property, however, […]

Most metro housing markets still on upswing

Six of Colorado’s seven biggest metro areas – including Boulder – made the National Association of Home Builders’ most recent Improving Markets Index. Boulder has seen 15.9 percent growth since its permits “trough date” of Nov. 30, 2009, and 8.7 percent growth in home prices and employment since January 2011 and August 2009, respectively, making […]

Steady improvement, low inventory still mark market

While buyers are braving the sluggish economy to find their dream home in the Boulder area, it appears many homeowners have yet to find the courage to enter the market. Home sales and prices are rising steadily, but low inventories still are holding the Boulder-area market back, according to Ken Hotard, senior vice president of […]

Pocket listings

Underground markets — the availability of products or services with little public fanfare — are always with us, including some ways many of us find it hard to imagine. Right now, with the lack of listings tying the real-estate market into knots, that underground market apparently is becoming increasing important in the Boulder Valley and […]

Buying season springing to life

The spring housing market has sprung in the Boulder area, with both single-family and condo and townhome sales in March showing significant improvement over the same month last year. “The pattern we started late last year, coming into 2013, is continuing through March,” said Ken Hotard, senior vice president of public affairs for the Boulder […]

Sales, inventory point to promising year

The drop in the Boulder area’s January home sales was typical for the middle of winter, but the market continues to perform well compared with a year ago, which gives hope for a promising spring sales season. Sales as a whole in 2012 showed substantial improvement over 2011. “The year-over-year sales numbers are pretty dramatic,” […]

What you get for $3 million

Houses in the $3 million range and above are starting to move more steadily, according to Tom Spear, broker with Sotheby’s International Realty. “The top-end market is starting to loosen,” he said. Spear reminds sellers that buyers for properties in this price range are savvy in the house-buying world and therefore selective about what they’re […]

What you get

The pickings get slimmer when you’re shopping for a home in the $6 million range, but what you find seems to be uniquely spectacular. “There are some buyers who come from other places when you get into this super high-end market,´ said James Simpson, managing broker for Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder. He uses […]

Buyer’s market, seller’s market?

Of course, it’s not often that you’ll find a real-estate agent, at least a successful one, lacking in optimism. But Boulder Valley agents praising the strength of our local housing market seem to have data to show that things are looking rosier for home sales. “There’s even a new market in the county that one […]