Star of the show

The variety of residential properties currently available in the area for $6 million or more stretches wide. With bonuses that range from a 75-foot-long lap pool to a geodesic dome, these properties are way more than the MLS facts.
For example, the property listed as 3472 Sunshine Canyon Drive in Boulder actually is three individually deeded parcels.
Most locals have at least heard of the StarHouse, situated on one of the parcels. Many probably have attended an event or a ceremony there.
The StarHouse, built in 1990, was designed with the principles of sacred geometry at its core. The 12-sided structure is aligned to the four directions.
“It has been granted a ‘use of community significance’ zoning allowance by Boulder County,” said Jay Hebb, partner at Re/Max Alliance on Walnut, who is listing the entire property. Essentially, what that means is that the StarHouse is zoned for commercial use.
In addition to this nondenominational 1,685-square-foot temple, the property includes an 804-square-foot retreat cabin and a 7,300-square-foot main residence house – MorningStar.
And then there’s the third parcel – 35 acres of rolling meadows that overlook Boulder. All three parcels are certified organic, and this one is used to grow medicinal herbs. You can find some of the herbs in Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary in Boulder.
David and Lila Tresemer own the three parcels and consider themselves more caretakers than owners, according to Hebb. David, who bought the land and built the buildings with the help of a few others, refers to the place as sacred and elegance at the edge of the wild.
The intangibles of this listing include the value of the land, the value of the buildings and other structures, the commercial zoning, the organic certification and the fact that all three parcels have been assembled to complement each other.
“Interested parties have been either locals or have local ties,” Hebb said. “There are a lot of community members that have had a relationship with this property for decades, and some of them are actually looking at purchasing it as a cooperative,” he added.
There have also been some single buyers expressing interest.
This listing has been on the market for just under three months.